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Our girls are unlimited.
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Our girls are unlimited.
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SREP Students Selected for JSHS Symposium

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Of the 24 students selected to present at the regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS), 14 are HB students. Students were selected based on individual scientific manuscripts written on their independent research projects. JSHS is a chance for students to compete for scholarships and recognition by presenting results of their original research efforts before a panel of judges and an audience of their peers. Seven of the 24 regional presenters will win scholarships with the top five advancing to Nationals. 

  • Aambar Agarwal ‘21
  • Megan Chen ‘21
  • Anjali Dhanekula ‘22
  • Brigette Fuentes ‘21
  • Carolyn Glasener ‘21
  • Zuha Jaffar ‘21
  • Sophie Laye ‘21
  • Ellie MacPhail ‘21
  • Julia Madureira ‘21
  • Emily Qian ‘21
  • Shruthi Ravichandran ‘21
  • Hannah Ryan ‘21
  • Kaisal Shah ‘21
  • Ivy Wang ‘21

All 14 HB students participating in JSHS are part of the Science Research & Engineering (SREP) fellowship, one of eight fellowships offered at the school. Fellowships are where the potential in girls is truly ignited. The wide range of Fellowships, each with a unique focus, offer challenging opportunities for learning and mastery outside of classroom. Nearly every Upper School girl participates in at least one Fellowship, and many more are actively involved in multiple.

Aambar Agarwal
Hathaway Brown School Student Megan Chen ’21
Megan Chen ’21
Anjali Dhanekula ’22
Hathaway Brown School Student Brigette Fuentes ’21
Brigette Fuentes ’21
Hathaway Brown School Student Carolyn Glasener ’21
Carolyn Glasener ’21
Zuha Jaffar ’21
Hathaway Brown Upper School Student
Sophie Laye '21
Hathaway Brown Upper School Student
Ellie MacPhail '21
Julia Madureira ’21
Hathaway Brown School Student Emily Qian ’21
Emily Qian ’21
Hathaway Brown School Student Shruthi Ravichandran ’21
Shruthi Ravichandran ’21
Hannah Ryan
Hathaway Brown School Student Kaisal Shah ’21
Kaisal Shah ’21
Hathaway Brown School Student Ivy Wang ’21
Ivy Wang ’21

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