Our girls are unlimited.
Our girls are unlimited.
Our girls are unlimited.
Our girls are unlimited.
Our girls are unlimited.

HB is the right place for promising girls (and young boys)

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Authored by Head of School Dr. Fran Bisselle

When the HBPA proposed the idea to reimagine our Blazer Breakfast tradition by creating these new VIP Days to honor the very important people who make up our school community, I was ecstatic. In so many ways, it’s the people who make HB the incredibly dynamic city of learning that it is. HB is enriched by having so many different people with all sorts of backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives all learning and growing and raising children together. Having all of you as members of our community makes the school better for everyone.

We know that families have many wonderful options when it comes to their children’s schooling, and we are confident that HB is the right place for promising girls (and young boys) throughout Northeast Ohio. We work hard every day to develop and implement programming that you can’t find anywhere else. Our faculty and staff members are dedicated to the healthy academic and social intellectual development of each child in our care, and we strive to make our programs accessible and affordable so that we may continue to fill our classrooms with bright, inspiring students of all ages from more than 70 different Northeast Ohio communities who contribute to the rich tapestry of our community and expand and enhance the educational environment that sets our school apart. 

I feel energized by how, in each HB division, we have designed and implemented an intentional focus. 

  • In the Early Childhood years, we form close partnerships with parents and we are guided by a philosophy of conscious discipline, an approach that teaches empathy, honors boundaries, and utilizes a consistent vocabulary of classroom management that builds a culture of deep connection and engagement. 
  • In the Primary grades, this evolves to the three Rs: respect, resilience, and responsibility. This helps center the girls, providing words to inspire self-advocacy as well as a foundation for character growth. 
  • In the Middle School, faculty and staff nurture each student as a whole person, supporting her talents and skills to the fullest and providing a safe place where she can be ambitious and try new things.
  • This highly supportive environment is seen in the Upper School as well. By way of stellar curriculum and extraordinary experiential Fellowships in Applied Studies, faculty members inspire our students to achieve their utmost potential, to rise boldly to the challenges of our time, and to go beyond the walls of HB and learn for life. 

In my interactions with recent alumnae, it has been clear that we succeed in our mission, as many HB graduates return to campus—both virtually and in-person—and describe how well prepared they are for college and beyond, how many interests they have, and how much they truly love to learn.

HB’s “learn for life” motto inspires unique lifelong connections between theory and practice. But our students aren’t the only ones who embrace this ideal. I am continually struck by how dedicated our parents and guardians are to being outstanding role models in this regard, whether that’s by attending lectures on parenting or cyber citizenship, by signing up for parent coaching programs, partnering with faculty mentors and advisors, attending student performances and showcases, or by volunteering on campus. Thank you for being an integral part of the HB family. It is a pleasure to partner with you.

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