Embracing Diversity and History: Celebrating Black History Month at Hathaway Brown

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Embracing Diversity and History: Celebrating Black History Month at Hathaway Brown

authored by Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Fellowship in Equity and Action Jill Rembrandt Calo '85

February brings a special opportunity for HB’s celebrated community to engage in meaningful conversations and activities as we celebrate Black History Month in ways that educate and inspire. This month is more than just a remembrance; it's a vibrant celebration of the rich history, culture, and contributions of African Americans. 

Our journey will begin in both the Middle and Upper School morning meetings where we’ll hear from members of our community who have made significant contributions and who can share their experiences and wisdom with our students. These stories of resilience, innovation, and leadership not only educate but also empower our young learners. 

In the classrooms, teachers integrate Black History Month into their curriculum. For Early Childhood and Prime students, this includes reading books by African American authors and learning about key historical figures. For older students, discussions delve deeper into the civil rights movement, African American literature, and contributions in science, technology, and the arts. This approach ensures that students of all ages get a comprehensive understanding of the impact African Americans have had on our nation and the world. Our HB library also plays a pivotal role in the celebration with themed book displays and resources for students of all ages.

Students learn about prominent African American artists and musicians in their art and music classes, and engage in projects that reflect these influences. From jazz music sessions to recreations of famous artworks, these classes provide hands-on understanding of the rich cultural tapestry.

Community involvement is also key to our celebration. We will collaborate with local African American businesses and organizations to offer special events such as a dance performance and our annual soul food lunch in the Upper School. These partnerships not only bring authenticity to our celebrations but also build community relationships.

We look forward to all the experiences Black History Month will bring as we learn, reflect and celebrate! It's an opportunity to celebrate diversity, embrace inclusivity, and inspire the next generation to build a world where everyone is recognized for their contributions and achievements.

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