Diving Into Women’s History Month

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Diving Into Women’s History Month

authored by Head of School Fran Bisselle

Congratulations to our 2024 OHSAA Division II swimming state champions! What an amazing two-peat performance for this incredible team. And special congratulations to freshman Josephine Piliang ‘27 for being awarded the 2024 Performance of the Meet!  We are so very proud of all our HB athletes. Go Blazers!!! 

And what a fitting celebration as we dive into Women’s History Month! HB has been blazing trails in women’s sports since our founding in 1876. Even in those early days when girls and sports were not often mentioned in the same sentence, HB’s early educators knew the importance of physical activity. The third floor of the original location in downtown Cleveland had a gymnasium where students would do daily exercises. In fact, physical activity was considered so important to a student’s education that the Commencement ceremony in 1887 was kicked off with a calisthenics demonstration! Thankfully, we have evolved even further in the last 148 years, and today, HB is home to 12 varsity sports, as well as interscholastic athletics for students in our younger grades!

The fighting spirit of women in history harkens to our own founders, those five young women who marched up the steps of the Brooks Military Academy in 1876, knocking on the door and asking assertively to be educated, and to be included in that learning community. Marching takes initiative. It takes courage, character, and kindness. Marching together engenders empathy, honors interdependence, and fortifies a people behind a core set of values. 

There is no question that at this moment in history, there is a great need for women of vision and courage who are empowered for leadership in a multicultural and globalized society. HB will continue to answer that need by inspiring our students to achieve their utmost potential, and to approach life with balance, grace and enthusiasm. Let us celebrate this spirit every day, but especially throughout Women’s History Month!

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