Blazer Vocalists and Instrumentalists Receive Top Scores

Blazer Vocalists and Instrumentalists Receive Top Scores

Upper School student musicians competed in the OMEA District 7 Solo and Ensemble Contest last weekend at Madison High School. Hathaway Brown has been involved in the contest for 11 years. This year HB had the most students participate than ever before. Of the 32 total students, eight were instrumentalists and 24 were vocalists with the addition of the vocal chamber ensemble, Bravuras.

Every solo and ensemble received top scores. Twenty-one performances, including Bravuras, earned a score of one which is described in the OMEA handbook as, "An outstanding performance, with very few technical errors and exemplifying a truly musical expression. This rating should be reserved for the truly outstanding performance."

The OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest is an opportunity for students to perform instrumentally or vocally in front of a professional judge. The pieces are categorized by class of difficulty (A-C). Based on the quality of the performance, the student or students are given a rating from one to five – one being the best. 

Each year the competition is hosted at an area school. The competition runs from the morning to the afternoon and involves thousands of area student musicians. Not only did these HB musicians display artistry and technique during their performances, but sisterhood, grace, and unity as well. 


Giving Chao '26
Sam Boyce '25
Sofia Dewey '23
Kandace Kellon '23
Christine Kim '24
Lydia Manuel '26
Lilly Moran '26
Vivian Qi '26


Alia Ali '24
Ava Beredo '23
Kelsey Blevins '26
Izzy Botos '23
Alexandra Burke '25
Sarah Cai '25
Jay Duncan '26
Chloe Echols '23
Grace Gilson '24
Lily Kattan '25
Laila Kirkpatrick '24
Aanya Lakireddy '26
Fiona Liu '24
Zoe Nelson '23
Molly Roberts '23
Bella Stahl '24
Maya Tang '25
Ananya Yadati '25
Anika Yadati '23


Solo & Ensemble
Solo & Ensemble
Solo & Ensemble
Solo & Ensemble

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