Bella Stahl ‘24 Accepted into Luna Composition Lab's 'Adventures in Sound'

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Bella Stahl ‘24 Accepted into Luna Composition Lab's 'Adventures in Sound'

Senior Bella Stahl has been accepted into the Luna Composition Lab where she’ll participate in the program Adventure in Sound. This program caters to creative thinkers, offering a comprehensive musical journey that focuses on notation, music theory, and applied compositional practices, including writing for various instruments, film, installations, electronics, and more. At the conclusion of the program professional musicians from the Ensemble in Residence perform and record student works, providing invaluable real-world experience.

The Luna Composition Lab was founded in 2016 to provide mentorship, education, and valuable resources to young composers with the goal of closing the gender gap in music composition. The application process included a submission of at least one fully notated score. In a testament to her dedication, Bella submitted not one but three original compositions:

  • Jacqueline: Bella's French-inspired piano piece, influenced by Debussy, Shore, and Bernard, transports listeners to the French countryside, featuring a young girl named Jacqueline.
  • Always Near: Bella's string quartet, a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother, captures the bittersweet essence of life's journey with the cardinal as a symbol of closeness.
  • Evening Song: Bella's musical adaptation of Willa Cather's poem explores the boundless nature of love, touching the hearts of its audience.

Looking ahead, Bella is excited about the boundless opportunities for growth and inspiration in the Luna Composition Lab and Adventures in Sound. She is committed to broadening her compositional skills and finding new creative avenues. She believes that asking questions is a superpower and is eager to seek out help, clarification, and constructive criticism to enhance her music's emotional depth and relatability.