Faculty & Staff Directory

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Meredith Gibson Cavell

Titles: Director of Human Resources

Katherine Jenne Chapman

Titles: Assistant Director of Enrollment Management, Middle School Admission

Amanda Cheatwood

Titles: Testing Coordinator/ College Counseling Assistant, College Counseling Assistant

Terrance Churchill

Titles: Director of Plant Operations

Michael Ciuni

Titles: Director of Fellowships in Global Citizenship, Clara Taplin Rankin 1934 Chair for the Center for Global Citizenship

Stephanie Combes

Titles: Dining Services

Alexandra Czajkowski

Titles: Director of Philanthropic Engagement

Shayla Dautartas

Titles: Infant & Toddler Center Teacher

Kendra Davis

Titles: Director of Marketing

Alison L. Day

Titles: Upper School History Teacher, Upper School History Department Chair, Upper School History Department Chair

Megan M. Dea

Titles: Assistant to the Associate Head of School, Fellowships in Global Citizenship Program Coordinator, Center for Global Citizenship Program Coordinator

Eric Dennis

Titles: Director of Aquatics

Diana DePetro

Titles: Part Time Physical Education and Aquatics Teacher

Lindsey Detzel

Titles: Middle School Teacher, Coach

Gerry Diiorio

Titles: Infant & Toddler Center Teacher

Eric Dimitrov

Titles: Upper School Science Teacher, JV Field Hockey Coach

Erin Dockery

Titles: Upper School English Teacher

AnneMarie Dorey

Titles: Admission Administrative Assistant

Zachary Drollinger

Titles: Plant Operations

Cameron Elizabeth Dubie

Titles: Co-Founder, Aspire
< 1 2 3 4 5 11 > showing 41 - 60 of 220 constituents