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Construction & Renovation

Building the Future Hathaway Brown School renovations

Research demonstrates that creativity and engagement are spurred by open, vibrant, cross-functional spaces designed to elicit collaboration and teamwork, but Hathaway Brown’s classrooms were not originally built with any of those considerations in mind.

Together with architects from GUND Partnership, Hathaway Brown will be updated and modernized to ensure the school’s physical spaces optimally support its educational mission and programs while also providing a comfortable and inspiring setting that enables faculty and students to perform at their best.

Flexibility of space is critical to expanding and creating collaborative educational opportunities for students in each division. New common gathering and multipurpose areas will reflect HB’s fundamental value of sisterhood.

Building the future at HB includes thoughtfully constructing new spaces and aligning current spaces with the school's longstanding pedagogical values of:

  • innovation
  • collaboration
  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • cross-disciplinary competencies
  • character and
  • community.

Architectural plans employ HB's historically modern aesthetic and retain the classic architectural features. While honoring the character that defines the HB experience, the renovations make space more appropriate for the needs of today’s students. 

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Alma mater is how people refer to their schools, but in literal translation, alma mater means nourishing mother. HB has nourished the minds and hearts of generations of girls who have grown up in her halls. Now it is time to tend to her with the love and care she deserves.

Building the Future

Building the future at Hathaway Brown School is an intentional progression of projects. The plan makes every effort to minimize disruption to the educational environment and does not adversely affect student admission or faculty retention. It calls for:

  • Implementing a series of vital improvements to the physical plant
  • Refreshing architectural aesthetics
  • Constructing environmentally sustainable and technologically innovative classrooms and common spaces and
  • Enhancing athletic facilities.

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