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Saturday, April 26, 2014
1:00-4:00 p.m. 

Hathaway Brown School * 19600 North Park Blvd. * Shaker Heights

2014 iMagine Film Festival entrants,

Thank you for your entries. We continue to be inspired by the creativity and craftsmanship of students like yourself across Northeast Ohio. 

Below is a list of the the films that have been selected to compete as finalists in the festival, which will be held on April 26th. Please note that all of these films will be screened, and that finalists are required to attend the festival. The screenings will be followed by a reception and awards ceremony. Parents, teachers and friends are encouraged to attend.

Please register here

We invite all contestants to attend the festival, as it is a great opportunity to meet like minded students and enjoy great film. We truly appreciate your participation and encourage you to submit again in the future. Your feedback forms will be emailed to you at a later date. 

2014 iMagine Film Festival Finalists: 

Eric Reising, Sean Weaver, Adam Rawlings, Nate Ward - A New Ship - St. Edward High School

Sean Weaver, Ethan Kahl, Jake Russo - Horror - St. Edward High School
Peter Gilles - Continuum - St. Edward High School
Eric McGuinn - Orange Juice - Vermilion High School
Eric McGuinn - Riding Hood - Vermilion High School
Eric McGuinn - Mad World - Vermilion High School
James Ingalls, Aaron Vazquez, Breann Losiewicz, Elexis Spence, Kristian Horne, Ben Golowenski - Guilt - St. Ignatius, Elyria Catholic High School
Alex Sherry, Connor Ling, Aidan McIntyre, Nick Taylor - To Forgive - St. Edward High School
Malcolm Walters, Kevin DeChant, Nathan Ward - That scary short - St. Edward High School
Nathan Ward, Malcolm Walters, Kevin DeChant - The Hallway - St. Edward High School
Andrew Flando, Billy Hippler, Jake Russo - Schmitty - St. Edward High School
Will Hippler - FRANKIE - St. Edward High School
Jaron Nestor-Blackman, Ashley Kump - Missing Pieces - Vermilion High School
Nicole Fiegi - Pompeii - Vermilion High School
Sam Royer - Text Me - St. Ignatius
Davis Klimek - The Hammer - University School
Meghan Bremmer, Laura Chiracu, Paige Somerville, Maeve Kroger - Druagmus - St. Joseph Academy
Jordan Bush, Greg Moilov - REZAR That Boy Good - St. Edward High School
Corey Mueller, Dakota Folger, Alex Tomoff, Michael Shullick - Zone - St. Edward High School
Adam Jones, Adam Williams, Steele Wasik, Jose Miquel Poblete - This is Not About Poker - St. Edward High School
Thomas Manno, Joseph Weaver, Daniel McCormick, Sean Hosey - Appointee - St. Edward High School
Joey Rini, Eric McGuinn, Bryan Martin, Ryley Miller - SPECTER - Vermilion High School
Maria Alvarez - Carrie's Wish - Beachwood High School
Maria Alvarez - The Waiting Game - Beachwood High School
Maria Alvarez - Who Are You? - Beachwood High School
Nick Morris, Brian Chambers, Andrew Kubit - Parallel - St. Edward High School

Michael Gerace, Nick Morris, Jon Poilpre, Abhijeet Singh - Jellyfish - St. Edward High School

Thanks again for all of the submissions; it was wonderful to watch all of them! If you have any questions, feel free to email us. We look forward to seeing you all at the festival!

Amelia Visnauskas '14 and Brady Furlich '15

iMagine Film Festival Co-Directors


About the iMagine Film Festival

The iMagine Film Festival was created in 2012 to provide Northeast Ohio high school filmmakers a venue to show their original films and receive constructive feedback from local industry professionals.

The festival will take place Saturday, April 26th, 2014 from 1 to 4 pm at Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights. Submissions will be accepted beginning on Friday, February 7th, 2014. All films are to be submitted by Friday, April 8th, 2014. Finalists will be announced on the iMagine Film Festival website on Monday, April 14th, 2014.

The iMagine Film Festival was created by Maddie Stambler, a member of the HB Class of 2013. As an aspiring filmmaker, she found few opportunities in the area for high school students to share their films, and decided to do something about it.Through Hathaway The Edna Dawley Strnad Fellowships in Creativity. She created the festival with the intention of doing more than simply award prizes to the winners. At the iMagine Film Festival participants are not only acknowledged for their efforts, but also given personal feedback from a professional panel of judges.

Rules and Judging


**Please note that the judging process has changed for the 2014 festival!**

All submissions submitted by the April 8th deadline will be reviewed in an initial judging round. All participants of the festival will receive constructive feedback on their submissions. A select number of films will move onto a secondary judging round. These Finalist films will be announced on the iMagine Film Festival website on April 14th.

First, second and third place films will be named in each category, and be announced at the festival on April 26th. All finalists are required to attend the festival, where their films will be shown.

Submission Rules:

  1. All films must be created by students in grades 9 through 12 in the Northeast, OH area.
  2. Films are to be no longer than 15 minutes and no shorter than 10 seconds.
  3. Submitted films must be original works and are required to have clearances for music or other copyrighted material featured in the project. Films containing copyrighted material used without permission will not be eligible for screening at the festival.
  4. Films will be accepted in four different categories. Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Miscellaneous (stop motion, music video, etc.).
  5. Films submitted to the festival will be previewed and scored by the judges prior to the event.
  6. Films will be judged on originality, cinematic storytelling and technical execution.
  7. By submitting your original film to the iMagine Film Festival you are granting Hathaway Brown School permission to use your film or parts thereof for promotional purposes.
  8. All finalists are expected to attend the festival. All participants are welcome and encouraged to attend the the film showings, awards and reception.


Register your film  ••  Register Festival attendee

When you register, if your film is complete please upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and copy and paste the link into the space on the registration page. Then, visit www.wetransfer.com and send the film’s file to imagine@hb.edu.

If your film is NOT complete yet, register anyway, but email the YouTube or Vimeo link to imagine@hb.edu when you have finished it. Then, send the film’s file to the same email address.

Past iMagine Film Festivals

Winners of the 2013 Festival:

1st Place-“Larry” by Antonio Harper (Cleveland Heights High School)
2nd Place-“A Jerk in the Hallway” by Russell Davis (Aurora High School)
Honorable Mention-“Marty” by Geoffrey James (University School)

1st Place - “Placebo” by Parker Maimbourg (Orange High School)
2nd Place -“Jack and the Bean Stalk” by Charles Hervey (Vermilion High School)
Honorable Mention-“The Midnight Man” by James Ingalls (St. Ignatius High School)

1st Place-“Stars Align” by Dani Venen (Mentor High School)
2nd Place-“Can’t You Tell” by Maria Alvarez (Beachwood High School)
Honorable Mention-“Letter to New York” by Caitlyn Frohring (Hathaway Brown)

Film Noir
1st Place-“The Empty Ring” by Kevin Zingalis (St. Edward High School)
2nd Place-“Cold Storage” by Alex Tomoff (St. Edward High School)
Honorable Mention-“Best Served Cold” by Joseph Conroy (St. Edward High School)

Important Dates

Submissions and Registration: February 7th - April 8th
Finalists Announced: April 14th
Festival Date: Saturday, April 26th

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns please contact:

Amelia Visnauskas: avisnauskas14@hb.edu
Brady Furlich: bfurlich15@hb.edu
Jamie Morse: jmorse@hb.edu

Hathaway Brown’s Address for the day of the festival:

Hathaway Brown School
19600 North Park Boulevard
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122

Shaker Heights, Ohio Girls K-12 Coed Early Childhood

19600 North Park Boulevard Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 P: 216.932.4214
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