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Middle School Technology Initiative

Hathaway Brown Middle School is excited to continue our iPad Initiative for the 2016-2017 school year! Learn more below.

The iPads offer exciting new ways to use technology in the classroom and meet most of the demands of the Middle School curriculum. We will continue to augment the education of our students with additional forms of technology, but we believe the iPad will be a serious organizational and academic support for our students.  For a more detailed description of how we reached the decision to use iPads, please read the “Why the iPad?” section below. 

As an educational community, we are very much looking forward to exploring the use of iPads to enrich learning. Students in 5th grade will be using individually assigned school-owned iPads. Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will be using family-purchased iPads at school and at home. We look forward to working with parents as we go, and will be eager to hear about the innumerable ways this newest technology has added to the girls’ learning. We will continue to update you with further information as the school year unfolds.


We have chosen the iPad for the following reasons:
  • The iPad has many of the same capabilities as a computer, but is more compact and less expensive.
  • Using technology can be motivating for students in the classroom.
  • The 10-hour battery life means that students can use the device the entire school day before needing to recharge it.
  • iPads instantly turn on which reduces the amount of downtime in the classroom.
  • Using an iPad addresses all of the learning styles - auditory, visual and kinesthetic.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to the Internet gives students the opportunity to learn wherever they are on campus.
  • Using an iPad is intuitive for students, and minimal technical support will be needed.
  • The iPad is light and portable which makes it easily carried in the backpack during the school day.
  • A variety of apps allows the students to choose the one that best suits their learning needs.
  • Documents and tasks can be uploaded to iBooks by the teacher and downloaded onto the iPad by the student and vice versa. Texts and documents can be annotated and commented on by multiple students and teachers.
  • Students can use the assistive technology settings to best help them learn.



Ordering Information (Spring 2016) - Hathaway Brown School is facilitating the purchase of the iPad for incoming 6th grade students (class 2023). Our goal is to distribute iPads to students within the first weeks of school and immediately begin to use the device in the classroom. 


Students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will use a family-purchased iPad. Students entering 5th grade for 2016-2017 will use school-owned iPads and will purchase an iPad during the summer before 6th grade.

Cover Letter - Learn more about the iPad order that took place during the summer.

Order Form - View the order form families used to order iPads and accessories through the School. All families must complete the form even if they already own an iPad.



Required iPad Apps - We have selected a collection of iPad apps that will be installed on student iPads. This list will change regularly as we add new apps. Students using family-purchased iPads will receive redemption codes for all paid apps that are required by the school. Students will not be required to purchase the apps on their own. 

Setting up a Student iTunes Account - In preparation for the iPad distribution, each student will need an iTunes username and password. Access to an iTunes account is necessary as students will be using that account to setup the device and install apps. 


iPad Home Use Contract - Making a home use contract is a great opportunity for dialogue between parent/guardian and child about mutual expectations, responsibilities, and privileges. A printed, signed contract is a point of discussion that can be extended throughout the school year as the student adapts to this technologically changing landscape.  Lastly, it is a way for the whole family to be mindful of their actions and attitudes.

iPad Student Pledge - Students and families will be asked to sign the iPad Student Pledge at the start of every school year.


Technical Support

iPad User's Guide

Troubleshooting WiFi at School


About the iPad

iPad Tips and Tricks
A comprehensive list of tips and tricks for iPad  

iPad Long Press
A description of the many things you can do with a long press on the iPad.

Help with iTunes

Download iTunes on your home computer

Set up an iTunes App Store account without a credit card

Redeem an iTunes gift card

Setting up Find My iPad

Setting up a Passcode on the iPad



Connecting to a WiFi Network

Home Internet Filtering - Open DNS
This free service offers parents options to control and filter internet access at home.



Q: What is an iPad and how is it used?
A: An iPad is a book-sized touch screen computing device. An iPad is used by touching and tapping on the screen.

Q: Is the iPad a proven educational tool?
A: Technology moves faster than the studies to determine educational effectiveness can be completed. However, we know that the students are excited and interested in using iPads to enhance their learning. We are also preparing our students for their future, and this is one way that we believe they will be more prepared to enter college and the workforce. Access to information is the key to a successful education these days and providing anywhere, anytime access using an interactive and engaging tool will help our students achieve their goals and beyond. We want our students to use the iPad to enhance their learning, but not necessarily replace the classroom teacher and the educational experiences that students have within our school building.

Q: How are students expected to use the iPads?
A: Students will be expected to use the iPads in any way that will enhance the educational environment. We expect students to follow the Acceptable Use Policy and use the iPad appropriately at school and at home.

Q: Will the teachers be trained on the iPad?
A: Teachers have participated in professional development training and work with the iPads to develop and modify lessons that include the use of iPad apps or electronic books. During the school year, teachers will continue their professional development so that they can fully utilize all of the capabilities of the iPad with the students.

Q: Will iPads be disruptive to the educational environment?
A: Teachers will monitor student activity while they are using the iPad during class to prevent disruptive or inappropriate behavior. Students may not use their cell phones, iPads, or other electronic devices in class, during assemblies, or during any school- wide community gathering unless given permission by a teacher, administrator, or Technology department member.

Q: Will textbooks be online?
A: Several textbook publishers produce an e-text as a PDF that can be accessed via the Internet or iBooks. Some of these are free, and some are not. At this time, we are piloting some electronic books in the Middle School.

Q: Can the students watch videos and listen to music and podcasts?
A: Yes, as long as it does not cause interference in the educational environment. Teachers may assign students podcasts and videos to hear and view as a part of their lessons. To watch YouTube videos, the iPad must be connected to the Internet. Students will be expected to use headphones or earbuds so as not to interrupt others in the educational environment.

Q: What will be the standard productivity tools for the students?
A: There are many apps that will be used within the classroom. The basic productivity apps will be Keynote, Pages, and Notability.
Keynote – to create presentations
Pages – to create longer documents and to take notes
Notability – to take and annotate notes and other miscellaneous information

Q: Can students use real books instead of books on the iPad?
A: Yes!

Q: What will students use to store their documents?
A: Storing documents on an iPad is different than that of a computer. Students will use apps such as Pages to take notes during classes and to complete homework and assignments. When these apps are used, the documents are automatically saved and can always be accessed on the iPad within the app itself. Students can access their documents on other devices by syncing to iCloud, sending to Google Drive, or emailing the documents to themselves.

Q: What kinds of files can students send from their iPad to a computer to save or print?
A: Most apps have a mechanism to share with other devices. Apps that allow you to save and send files via email include Pages and Keynote. There are many other apps that allow you to do this that we do not yet know about. Students may also use Google Drive or other online storage sites to access their files. These sites can be opened on a computer and files can then be synchronized across all devices and accessed at any time. iCloud will also be used as a method to synchronize files across devices.

Q: Can students use the assistive technology settings?
A: Yes! The assistive technology settings include a screen reader, the ability to increase the text size and to change the background from white to black.

Q: What if I don't want my daughter to have an iPad?
A: We believe that providing all of our students with iPads is an educationally sound decision. We are preparing our students for the future, and technology is a part of their future. The decision to provide all of our students with iPads was made after several years of discussion, research and testing. Using the iPad will be a part of her educational program at Hathaway Brown School, and it will be used in much the same way that she uses her books, paper and pens or pencils now.

Q: What if my daughter already owns an iPad?
A: Students may use their own iPads as long as it is an iPad2 or newer (not a 12.9" iPad Pro or iPad Mini). The School must be informed in writing so we do not include your daughter in the bulk purchase. Students will need to use the same case as other students in the same grade. 

Q: Why did the School select the Wi-Fi only model and not the 3G model?
A: We did not believe we could justify the added expense of the 3G model. These iPads cost $130 more per device in addition to a monthly fee. With access to WiFi throughout the school, we believe that the Wi-Fi model will meet all of our needs.


Q: Will the students buy their own iPads?
A: To take advantage of the educational discounts Apple provides and the tax-exempt status of the School, families may purchase their daughter’s iPad through the School. The families will retain ownership of the device. Families are welcome to purchase an iPad on their own.

Q: What will the costs be for the students and their families?
A: The initial costs for the purchase are indicated on the order form. This fee will allow Hathaway Brown to provide all students with an iPad, a protective case, and required classroom apps for the first year of the implementation. Depending on classroom needs, we may have to assess a $25 app fee in future school years. Students may purchase accessories such as a Bluetooth keyboard. These accessories are not mandatory.

Q: Who will pay for apps?
A: The initial purchase of the iPad through the School includes the cost for school-required apps. The School will pay for the apps required for use in the classroom. Students, with parent/guardian permission, can purchase additional apps. We will be researching the possibilities of providing textbooks on the iPads in future years. Costs for textbooks have not yet been determined.

Q: How will apps be distributed to students?
A: For school-required apps, we will provide students with a unique code for each app. This code will be emailed to the student. From the iPad, students will be able to select the code and download the pre-purchased app using their iTunes account. Once the code is selected, the app becomes the property of the student, linked to the iTunes account on the device. The School will retain no ownership of the app as it will be linked to that student’s account from that point forward.


Q: Do the iPads come with a warranty?
A: Apple provides a one year limited warranty on the iPad. This warranty covers normal use issues and tech support. It does not cover accidental damage (drops, screen breakage, spills, full immersion, etc.).

Q: Does the School require the purchase of an extended warranty?
A: We are strongly encouraging families to purchase accidental damage insurance for their daughter’s iPad to cover a variety of issues, including drops, spills, and full immersion. Extended warranties do not cover loss, theft, willful damage, or gross misuse.

Q: If we opt out of the extended warranty, what happens if my daughter breaks her iPad?
A: Families who do not purchase an extended warranty will need to repair or replace the iPad out-of-pocket within a 7 calendar day period.

Q: How to I sign up for warranty coverage?
A: Families will need to sign up when placing the iPad order with the school. Details of the plans will be included on the order form. Pricing and coverage is always subject to change and is not something that Hathaway Brown School is able to control.


Q: How will the iPads be identified?
A: All iPads will be identified by serial number. We are also encouraging families to label the devices as well. Finally, families should enable the "find me" setting on their daughter's iPad. The instructions are provided at the following link:

Q: How will students care for the iPads?
A: Students may only use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe off the screen. Students may NOT use cleaning fluids or anything with a rough texture to clean the device.

Q: Why are we standardizing the case?
A: All 6th and 7th grade students will be required to use the same iPad case; smart covers and other designer cases will not be allowed. In discussions with faculty and parents, we believe that a standard case among Middle School students aligns with our clothing uniform policy and ensures that student pressure to have a designer case will not be a concern. We allow students in 8th grade to select their own case - read this letter to families to learn more.

Q: Can the students mark or decorate their iPad or case?
A: All students will be required to use the same case. However, students may decorate their case in an appropriate manner using Sharpies or stickers. It is suggested that the case and the iPad be labeled with the student’s name.

Q: Where can students use their iPads while at school?
A: Students are responsible for the use and care of their iPads at all times. They may use them in most places while on campus. They may use their iPad in class, during lunch (but not in the Dining Hall) and free periods, before and after school.

Q: Where will the iPad be stored during the school day and after school?
A: Students will keep their iPads securely locked in their lockers or in their backpacks at all times while at school. Students should keep their iPad in a safe and secure place as determined by their parents while at home. Students may not leave their iPads in a vehicle or other location that experiences extreme temperatures.

Q: How should students carry the iPad to and from school?
A: Students should be able to slide the iPad safely into their backpacks. Student should exercise care when transporting the iPad in a backpack by setting the backpack down carefully, and they should not drop the backpack or place heavy items on the backpack. iPad sleeves can be purchased at many retail locations to provide additional protection.

Q: What is the estimated battery life on the iPad?
A: The battery life on the iPad is estimated at 10 hours. Adjusting the screen brightness to a lower setting will preserve battery life over the course of a school day. It is possible that the longevity of the battery may decrease over time. Although we will monitor this, the longevity of the battery is out of our control. Apple does provide replacement batteries for a fee (


Q: Can students print from an iPad?
A: We currently have two printers available for printing from student iPads. We are working to make all school printers accessible to the iPads. Students can also send themselves files to be printed from the iPad to their school email account, Google Drive account, or iCloud account. They can then open their email at school from a school desktop or laptop and print to the computer lab printer.

Q: Will students be allowed to let a friend use their iPad?
A: Students may not use another student’s iPad. These devices are being set up as individually owned devices.

Q: When can students use the iPad cameras?
A: The camera on the iPad can only be used under the direction and with the permission of a faculty member.

Q: Can the camera be disabled?
A: The camera will be an invaluable tool for classroom projects. As a result, disabling the camera would be detrimental to its use.

Q: Will Hathaway Brown be able to filter objectionable internet content?
A: The students’ wifi-only iPad will go through HB’s wireless network and firewall to access the internet. In this case, we have filters in place to screen objectionable content. If a family purchased their iPad on their own, and it is a 3G model, the student will have unfiltered access to the internet, and HB will have no firewall or filtering capabilities.

Q: Will students need their own headphones?
A: Students will need their own headphones with them at all times for use with the iPad in the educational environment. Headphones (or earbuds) must not be shared among students.


Q: Will the students take the iPads home?
A: Yes, students in 6th through 8th grade will be required to take their iPads home every day as they will be responsible for charging the device every evening. We encourage each family to discuss appropriate use at home as indicated in the Home Use Contract.

Q: Will students have access to the Internet while at home?
A: The iPad is designed to be used with a wireless network. If students and their families have a wireless network set up at their homes, the iPad can be set up to use it. A wireless network is not required, however, to use the iPad.

Q: Where should the iPad be plugged in when at home?
A: The iPad should be charged every night. The iPad can be plugged into a power strip with a surge protector on it. It can also be charged while plugged into a computer. Note that some USB plugs on laptops do provide enough power to charge the iPad.


Q: Will my child need a computer at home to support and back-up her iPad?
A: The iOS operating system does not require a computer to set up and use the iPad.

Q: Will my child need an iTunes account?
A: Every student will need access to a personal or family iTunes account. Students will need to know the password for the account to they can install and update apps. We have been in communication with Apple concerning the age limits to use their service. These terms-of-use age limits are based on US law. According to Apple, users must be 13 years of age to create an Apple ID.  An individual under the age of 13 can use an Apple ID if the account was created and registered by a parent or legal guardian. Read more at

Q: Does the iPad have parental controls?
A: Yes. There are some restrictions that parents can turn on and off. We are happy to make some recommendations on using parental controls based on what our requirements will be in the classroom. We may ask that you share the passcode with the School to access the parental controls on your daughter’s iPad.

Q: Will we need to have a credit card attached to our students’ iTunes account in order to purchase and download Apps?
A: No. In fact, we recommend that you DO NOT attach a credit card to your daughter’s iTunes account. All apps, music, books and more can be purchased with redeemable iTunes gift cards (available at any Apple store, Target, grocery stores, etc.). School-required apps will be purchased by the School and distributed through unique installation codes (sent to students using email).

Q: Can the iPad be restored with apps and information if they need to be reset or apps are accidentally deleted?
A: We are encouraging students to sync to the iCloud. Access to a computer to sync the iPad is no longer required. More information is available at If students sync their iPads to iCloud or a computer on a regular basis, they will always have a back up ready to be restored to their iPads. Information about restoring and backing up iPads can be found at the Apple website and

Q: Are there any viruses that the iPad can get?
A: None that we are aware of.

Q: Will students get another iPad to use if their iPad is broken or is somehow made unusable in the classroom?
A: Yes, we will have a limited supply on hand to loan to the students while their iPad is getting fixed.

Q: Who do I contact if I need more Information?
A: Barry Kallmeyer
Hathaway Brown School
Chief Information Officer
19600 North Park Blvd
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122


Technology is an integral part of today’s world. As a result, schools can no longer prepare students for the workplace of the future without providing them with skills necessary for using computers competently. One of those necessary skills is keyboarding.

Keyboarding is a motor skill. It is a matter of training fingers to respond correctly and quickly to press the correct key. Years of research have been done on the correct way to teach these skills. This research found that the drills dealing with key combinations are the quickest way to develop those motor skills so they won't be lost – There is a reason for those fff fjf jfj jjj drills!

Hathaway Brown Middle School students are expected to use proper keyboarding technique – have their hands on home row keys, use the proper finger for each letter, and have their wrists flat and their thumbs on the space bar. They are also expected to know where the keys are without looking; during keyboarding class, the keyboard is often covered. With correct keying, speed and accuracy will come automatically with time and use. It is extremely important to encourage and develop good keyboarding habits right from the start. Although the use of the iPad changes some elements of keyboarding, we still believe that instruction in touch typing is a valuable skill for students to master.

Each student will be expected to reach a minimum word per minute score and accuracy level in the 5th and 6th grades. Students in 5th and 6th grade will be provided with in-class instruction in keyboarding using two computer programs: Type to Learn and Type for Fun. They will be assessed using a two-minute prompt. If a student is unable to surpass the minimum word per minute and accuracy levels within a specified time period, she will be expected to practice outside of her regular computer class period (at home and/or at school). 7th and 8th grade students do not receive direct keyboarding instruction. However, they are highly encouraged to practice keyboarding until a minimum speed of 25 words per minute is achieved.

Keyboarding Competencies…

 Minimum WPMAccuracy
5th Grade1585%
6th Grade2090%


In order to achieve the minimum score and accuracy level, practice at home may necessary. We suggest that students practice keyboarding regularly (3 times per week for no less than 15 minutes per session) to achieve their goal.

Keyboarding is the penmanship of the computer age. Just as skill with a pen fosters the ability to communicate in writing, keyboarding extends that ability into the realm of word processing, electronic communication, and desktop publishing. Please support our efforts to provide your daughter with this necessary skill by emphasizing the importance of keyboarding and by offering any necessary tools for her to surpass the minimum competency levels.

 In order to facilitate the practice of keyboarding, we are thrilled to announce that Hathaway Brown School is now able to provide free access to Typing Agent ( at home.


Typing Agent is a comprehensive instructional keyboarding program that emphasizes both accuracy and speed and provides individualized programming to help every student meet her goals for success. Typing Agent is built on a proven method of sequential skills building instruction. This program uses leveled lessons and includes a diagnostic pre-test, reviews, demonstrations, practice exercises and activities, multiple formative assessments, and automatic, personalized remediation. Additional information about this program can be found at:


No software installation is required as Typing Agent is 100% web-based. Typing Agent is compatible with both Windows and Mac/Apple desktop and laptop computers. It is also iPad compatible. To access Typing Agent, you will need the following: access to the Internet, an updated Internet browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome; Internet Explorer 9 or higher (Explorer 11 recommended) or Safari, and the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player (available to download free at ). If you experience technical problems please visit our compatibility page at:



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