Upper School Dress Code

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Our goal at HB is to help girls develop a healthy perspective about their clothing choices. We want each girl to learn how to match what she wears to what is required and appropriate in a variety of settings. We strive to make this a place where she gets valuable feedback about the impression she creates.

We have a diverse group of girls here and a huge array of activities that call for different clothes at different times. Of course there is also a wide range in personal styles and preferences in our community, and the rules regarding fashion are constantly changing. Because of this challenge, we want HB to be a place where girls get good information about clothing options from a variety of people and in a variety of contexts. The ability to read context and react appropriately is valued here. Preparation for the world beyond HB depends on creating a safe space for girls to learn more about appropriate clothing choices.  We recognize that there is complexity to this issue and it is ongoing work, even for adult women.

We are a community that respects learning and people. We want the appearance of our student body to reflect these values. We also want girls to feel comfortable here.

There is no official uniform at HB and we give considerable freedom to students, but we do have clothing guidelines. These guidelines are less about what is ugly or flattering and not really about what is trendy or stylish. Our guidelines are about maintaining the ability to express oneself, knowing that there are limits and consequences in any setting.

Guidelines for Dress

You may wear:

  1. Shirts with a collar, sweaters, and knit tops (which may have small logos and/or designs) that fully cover both shoulders.
  2. Non-athletic zip or button hoodies (without the hood up).
  3. Hathaway Brown t-shirts and sweatshirts.
  4. Cotton pants, dress pants, capris, and colored jeans.
  5. Skirts, dresses, and shorts long enough to maintain modesty (fingertip length or longer).
  6. Leggings with a skirt or dress long enough to maintain modesty (fingertip length or longer).

You may NOT wear:

  1. Revealing or sexually suggestive clothes.
  2. Clothes with written or unwritten messages that demean or disrespect others, or that contain references to illegal or unethical activity.
  3. Athletic wear or sleepwear.  This includes: running tights, sweatpants, yoga pants, pajama pants, athletic shorts, and non-HB t-shirts or sweatshirts.
  4. Tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or shirts and dresses that expose bra straps or are made of sheer fabric.
  5. Blue jeans or faded, ripped or frayed colored jeans.
  6. Skirts, dresses or shorts that are excessively short and revealing.
  7. Leggings with shirts or sweatshirts.

Students not appropriately dressed will be assigned a point and may be asked to change clothes. Repeated violations will result in Saturday detention, loss of privileges or action by the Class Deans.

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