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Hathaway Brown: Technology

Dear 8th grade families,


The students' iPad cases have not held up as well as we had hoped to the wear and tear of daily use. As a result, we are allowing students in 8th grade to use alternate cases if families determine that the current case becomes unusable. A list of possible cases and vendors is included below. Some of these cases may also be available at retail locations around Cleveland.


Be sure the case is compatible with the iPad model (iPad1, iPad2, new iPad) your daughter is using. If you purchase a case not on our list below, please only buy a case that is either black or a solid dark color. You may purchase a case with an integrated keyboard.


We selected the recommended cases below based on their durability ratings. If you select another case not on our list, we encourage you to select one based on its ability to hold up to the wear and tear of a Middle School student. Many designer cases, including Apple's Smart Cover, do not protect the device well enough for most users.


Please evaluate the case that will best fit your daughter's needs.  

* Prices listed above are subject to change


Please contact us with any questions.




Barry Kallmeyer
Director of Academic Technology


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